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Large ensemble/ orchestra

"Sleepers"(1994) Ballet suite for solo violin and strings

"Children of War" (1998) Ballet for strings 

" Journey of Thoughts"(2010) for large string or chamber orchestra

" Gloria " (2009) for Symphony orchestra and chorus

" Pushkin " (2012-14, 2018(revised version)) Opera in Two Acts

Suite - Concerto for Cello, Voice and Symphony Orchestra(2015)

Hommage to A.Part for Chamber Orchestra (2015)

" Four Seasons of a Tango" - 7 musical bridges 

for chamber orchestra to a Dance Spectacle written by Frederic Chaudiere and commissioned by

Nice Opera House(2019)

Chamber music

Duo for 2 Violas (2000)

" Mosaique Musicale" (2008) String trio n.1 (or string orchestra)

"Contemplation" (2008) for String trio (or string orchestra)

"Memories of a Tango" (2010) String trio n.2

(also arranged for string quartet or string orchestra)

"Dances with an Angel" (2011) Piano quartet

"Figurations" (2014) String quartet in Three parts

"Demeter and Persephone" Ballet for Solo Cello,

and Chamber orchestra (2017)

Instrument+ piano

"Hommage to Schnittke" (1998) viola and piano

Three pieces for viola and piano

or Hommage to Piazzolla cycle (2006)


"Chanson sans paroles"

"La Passion Ettouffe"

"Monologue" (2009) cello and piano

Vocal + Piano/Ensemble

3 Songs for Soprano and Band-Ensemble in popular style.(2009)

Cycle of 12 songs, romances and recetatives

for Soprano, Mezzo Soprano, Tenor and Piano

based on short poems by A.Pushkin (2013/14/17)

Solo instruments

"In search of Harold" (2001) for Solo viola

Two pieces for Solo piano (2010)

"Purple scarf"

"Autumn in Paris"

"Varialoncello" (2008) for Solo cello


Cadenzas for

W.A Mozart Violin concertos no 1, 3 and 5,

Stamitz and Hoffmeister Viola concertos.

D.Popper "Polonaise de Concert" for cello and piano

(orchestrated for cello and symphony orchestra).

Reyonaldo Hahn "A Chloris" arranged for soprano,viola and piano.

E.Elgar "Salute d'Amour" arranged for violin and cello.

N.Paganini "Cantabile" arranged for viola and piano.

N.Paganini I Palpiti arranged for viola and piano.

N.Paganini "Venice Carnaval" arranged for violin and viola.

R.Wagner "Albumblatt" arranged for viola and piano.

N.Paganini Sonata per la Grand Viola - Special edition.

H.Wieniawski 3 Caprices for 2 violins arr.violin and viola

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